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Fashion Business Management




Our current list of internship partners who place value on experiential learning.

Company Name
  • BABA Fashion
  • Seoul Showroom
  • Mulawear
  • Omnious
  • Andre Kim
  • Haberdashers
  • Sejung
  • Sophie Company
  • Crevill
  • Petrasche
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Saltcake
  • Tren:be
  • F:Able
  • Sophie Company
  • Hyungji
  • Idus
  • MAGE production
  • Wish Company
  • Hahn Global Associates
  • EUNE
  • HDC I-Park Mall
  • Lee & Han
  • Jessi New York
  • Hybe

Every company operates in a different way and demands a separate set of skills and expertise. This is why securing good, qualified interns should be a priority.

The overarching goal of an FIT education is to adequately prepare our students to achieve success within any company they are placed. Internships, job shadowing opportunities and even some full or part-time jobs can play an important role in that endeavor. At FIT SUNY Korea we prioritize this type of learning, requiring our students to partake in some sort of internship experience. We believe it is important that our students are involved in experiential learning opportunities that could adequately prepare them for their professional future.

University learning can only take students so far. They really only start to sharpen and improve their professional skills on the job. As an intern students gain practical and pragmatic experience and learn how to do their job well, rather than simply reading about the theory behind it. This is why, at FIT, we are placing more and more importance on the value of experiential learning.

One of the best real work experience FIT students can have is in an internship. An internship provides the work experience that helps FIT students put their education into practice, develop their leadership skills and give them a competitive advantage as they pursue a permanent position.

Through an internship, FIT students have the opportunity to develop and apply the skills, theories and concepts learned in the classroom. They also develop and hone professional skills that promote growth and development while at the same time gaining industry-specific — and often technological — skills related to their field. This kind of experiential learning is what internships are all about.