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Value of Internships to Companies

The Value of Internships to Companies

The Value of Internships to Companies

At SUNY Korea, learning doesn't just take place in the classroom — participating in internships also provide students with a wealth of other benefits. It enhances the knowledge and skills that students learned in the classroom and helps them to develop techniques that they would normally only gain from real world exposure.

Students aren't the only ones who benefit from internships. Employers will also receive a number of unique advantages when they open their doors to soon-to-be FIT graduates. To better understand the true value of internships for college students and employers alike, consider the following five employer benefits below:

Five ways your company can benefit from offering internships to FIT students

Your company can reap immediate benefits without a hiring commitment

The expectation — for both the student and employer — is a win-win, valuable experience that benefits both parties. When your company invests time and resources to finding, selecting and training FIT interns, you are looking for a return on your investment. The benefit can be in the present, by gaining the services of talented FIT students without having to make a hiring commitment. Or it might be in the future, with the added ability to choose from a pool of outstanding FIT candidates who will work out well as an employee. At SUNY Korea, your company has access to a pool of unique candidates not found in large numbers in South Korea.

Your company can evaluate unparalleled FIT talent

An internship will help you to evaluate how well an individual would fare in your actual workplace. Learning your company’s jargon and the decorum your office environment demands requires time and exposure. An internship will allow students to learn what’s expected from them in your professional setting.

By identifying exceptional talent and then offering internship opportunities, your organization has the opportunity to administer an apprenticeship that goes far beyond traditional interviewing processes. Internships allow your company the time it needs to fully assess a student for enthusiasm and passion, ability to produce results, and long term potential.

You can directly expose FIT interns to your brand

In addition to an internship being an opportunity to get a comprehensive evaluation of potential employees, your company can also use it as an opportunity to introduce the next generation of industry professionals to the unique aspects, offerings and needs of your company’s brand.

In addition to the benefits of exposing FIT students entering the workforce to your company's brand, you can leverage the relationships with FIT’s Internship Program by informing FIT to the specific needs and in-demand skills needed by your organization.

Employers can learn from FIT students' fresh perspectives

Just as students reap the benefits of gaining exposure and experience in the field, your company can learn just as much from our interns. As with our past intern relationships, you too will find some of the best, most innovative ideas are coming from FIT interns, who often offer fresh new perspectives and unparalleled enthusiasm. It is easy for any organization to become too inward-looking. As part of your organization’s ongoing process of renewal, change and innovation, interns can bring a completely different perspective on a current or past project.

Global branding

FIT SUNY Korea is an international school with students from all over the world. We bring a global perspective to businesses. There are many challenges that are faced in competing globally, and to be successful in the global economy, companies have to pay attention to cultural differences. At FIT SUNY Korea you will find a group of students that bring an unparalleled set of skills that can help you to build a global brand from the inside out by helping you to expand your brand into multiple countries and maintaining an international identity with consumers all over the world.

For more information on the benefits your company can reap by giving an FIT student a college experience beyond the classroom, contact our Career Development Center.